Mohr’s circle for students and professionals

What differentiate a novice from an experienced engineer is the ability to see beyond the formulas. In this program you will learn to use the Mohr’s circle for practical problems


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Our Teaching Philosophy

We believe in outcome based learning so that you are ready for the future.

  • Byte sized lessons. Lessons short on time and overloaded on value.
  • Accompanied with interactive application. Designed to supplement and enhance learning with hands-on approach.
  • Taught by professionals. Industry leaders with years of experience of the field. 
  • With real world examples. Following our motto of learning basics with read world application.
  • Focusing on implementation. To solidify the concepts learned during the course.
  • To make you industry ready. Be it any job interview, exam to crack, or implementation at the field, we got you covered. 

The course structure

A comprehensive curriculum designed for you. Easy to follow along modules divided into byte sized lessons. 

Chapter 1: Concept of Hooks law

Refresh your understanding of Hook’s law. You will learn the basic definition of stress and strain and how those are related with one of the core law’s of mechanics: The Hook’s law. You will also gain an understanding on the limits of Hook’s law.

Chapter 2: Mathematical preliminaries

You will gain the background mathematical preliminaries necessary to understand and develop equations for Mohr’s circle. Do not fear, we have tried to keep it succinct and make the explanation as easy as possible.

Chapter 3: Stress state in 2D

You will learn about the concept of Cauchy stress tensor and how this is used in representing stress at a point. Then, you will the representation to denote the Hooks law for a two dimensional structure.

Chapter 4: Mohr’s Circle

Now comes the step, where you can make a Mohr’s circle and how you can use it to calculate the stress values at any plane with the help of simple example of simply supported beam.

Chapter 5:  Outro

The actual learning will always end with the real world implementation. Here, you will get to know what solution was the scientist trying to find with this method. And why Mohr’s circle will be the base for your professional engineering application.

Bonus Material

Our offering doesn’t end with lectures only. There is a lot more.

  • Downloadable pdf with detailed drawings and explanation. Pdf will cover all the main concepts, formulas and Important figures included in the lecture series. 
  • Access to private discord channel with access to industry professionals. Just don’t be limited to the one way learning. Ask your doubts and be part in technical debates 
  • Ad-free version of the android app worth $4.99. easy to use android app with high precision results and calculation for reference. 
  • Course completion certificate. Got a new skill? Why keep it to yourself. show your friends or put it in your resume. 

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Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. Well- it works perfect for this app.

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This app helped me a lot during my study of solid mechanics, everytime I draw the mohr circle i check my answer with this app, very useful.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Excellent. First time I’ve ever seen Pass/Fail criteria shown graphically as on the Failure Theories page for the Tresca distorted hexagon and Von Mises ellipse.

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Meet the Instructors

Industry leaders and professionals here to help you with your journey.

Abhinav Gupta

I am a former scientist at the department of atomic energy, India. I have completed my master’s in structural engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. During my professional carrier, I have designed various buildings for a nuclear power plants. This program is based on my years worth of experience in the design field. It is something that I wish I had when starting my journey as a design engineer.

Mehul Bagaria

I am a mechanical engineering graduate. I have completed my masters from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee in the field of Nanotechnology.  My work focuses on development of novel materials designed through topology optimisation. I have designed this course during my extensive research in the field of mechanics of materials at IIT Roorkee.

Frequently asked questions

Answer for our most asked questions. For further queries contact us at

I am a B.Tech first year student. Is this course designed for me?

Yes, this course is for students and professionals interested in solid mechanics.

What is discord community and how will I benefit from it?

It is a group of learners and experienced professionals. Here you can ask any doubt related to the subject or can take part in the technical discussions relevant to you.

Which professions benefit from this knowledge?

This course explains the basic concepts which are used by most of industries including aerospace, construction, and manufacturing .

Will this course help me get a job?

This concept is frequently asked in the job interview questions. So learning this course will give you an edge over other candidates

What is the refund policy?

We are giving 30 day money back guarantee with out asking any question if you are not satisfied with our course.

Mohr’s circle for students and professionals

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