Simple stress | Definition and application

Stress is required to design the structure. The safety of the structure is assured by this. We will discuss in this blog how we can measure the it in the

Combined stress: Due to bending and torsion

When you push or pull on something, like a beam or a shaft, it doesn’t just bend or twist—it usually does both at the same time. We call this “combined

How do we calculate the stress due to thermal variation?

Structures often experience significant temperature variations during their service life. These temperature changes can lead to the generation of stress within the structures. As engineers, it is our responsibility to

An Introduction to Fracture Mechanics

Fracture mechanics is a branch of engineering and materials science that deals with the study of how materials behave when subjected to stresses that lead to the formation and propagation

Implicit vs. Explicit Solvers

In the realm of numerical simulations and computational modeling. The choice between implicit and explicit solvers plays a crucial role in determining the accuracy, stability, and efficiency of the solutions