Why we should go for water softening ?

If you use a water heater, you may have noticed scaling buildup over time. The same issue can occur in pipes as well. The cause of these problems is hard

Does water color indicate the presence of pollutant ?

Pure water is an inorganic compound composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. It is colorless, tasteless, and transparent. However, in nature, pure water is rarely found because

What is water supply engineering ?

It is the branch of Engineering that deals with the development of source, treatment of water, and distribution system of water. But why is it necessary? Since the very beginning

What is water hardness and its types

Have you ever face challenges in lathering with soap or detergent? But sometimes with the same soap and detergent, you may create a large amount of foam or lather. That

What do we do in environmental engineering?

We want to discuss in this article why we need to engineer nature. Everything was working so fine on the self-sustained model. You know that nature designed itself to sustain

What is BOD? Definition, effect and measurement

To run your system you need oxygen and food. Similarly, micro organism also needs oxygen to consume food? So, the amount of oxygen required by the microorganisms to consume the

Turbidity: Sources, measurement and impact

When you see cloudiness in water, you don’t prefer to drink that. Are you curious about the mysterious cloudiness of water? Do you wonder what are the causes and the