Steps involved in design of a one way slab | IS 456: 2000?

In present scenario it is very easy to design a one way slab. As in most of the cases we use some third party commercial software to design the structure. Even then I believe for a civil engineer it is very much important to be aware about the different steps involved in designing the one way slab as per the IS specification.

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Steps to design a one way slab

Step 1 : Determine the effective span of the slab (lx by ly)

  • Assume an effective depth (d) on the basis of span to effective depth ratio (Table 1).
  • Then compute the value of overall depth (D).
  • Overall depth D = d + clear cover
  • Clear cover depends on the exposure condition (for mild exposure, clear cover = 20 mm and for moderate exposure, clear cover = 30 mm ).
  • Effective span (l) l = lx + width of support or lx + d —– A lesser of these two
Type of slabSpan <= 10 mSpan > 10 m
Cantilever beam7 deflection should be calculated
Simply supported2020 x 10 / span
Table 1 as per IS 456:2000

Step 2 : Analysis – Calculate the moment

  • Consider the various loads due to
    • Self weight
    • Dead Load
    • Live load
  • Calculate the total load and factored load (1.5 * Total load)
  • Calculate the bending moment

$$ M_u = \frac{W_u \times l^2 }{8} $$

Step 3 : Determine the area of reinforcement ( Ast )

  • Compute the value of constant R using : $$ R = \frac{M_u}{bd^2}$$
  • Compute the value of Ast using the formula : $$ \frac{p_t}{100} = \frac{A_{st}}{bd} = \frac{f_{ck}}{2 f_y} [1 – (1 – 4.598 \frac{R}{f_{ck}})^{0.5}] $$
  • Calculate the number of bars and decide the placements of bars in layers for the main steel.
  • Provide the minimum reinforcement as the distribution steel.

Step 4 : Check

The minimum reinforcement in each direction should not be less than

  • 0.15% of the Ast for Fe-250 steel
  • 0.12% of the Ast for Fe-415 & Fe-500 steel.

The max. spacing of bars should not be more than

  • 3d or 300 mm whichever is smaller for main steel
  • 5d or 450 mm whichever is smaller for distribution steel

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