Design steps for Column section | IS 456: 2000

Columns serve as fundamental structural elements in the construction industry, supporting vertical loads and transferring them to the building’s foundation. They provide stability, strength, and rigidity to the overall framework,

Design of one-way slab using Slab App

We designed the one-way slab in the previous article. In this article, we will design the same one-way slab through the RCC Slab Design App. The Eigenplus team made this

Designing two way slabs: An example

A two-way slab is a type of R.C.C. slab that distributes loads in two perpendicular directions efficiently. The term “two-way” is to describe the bending behavior of the slab in

Design steps of different RCC members

We generally divide the building, bridges, water tanks or any other structures among members. This decides the members based on their behaviour. Here behaviour means how that member is resisting

Reinforced cement concrete (RCC)

We will discuss and learn about reinforced cement concrete here in this article. We also call reinforced cement concrete RCC in short form. And the RCC we are discussing here