Water Demand | Definition, types and calculations

The community, society, and industry need water for different uses. Wate demand is the accurate estimation of total water. The unit of Water demand is LPCD ( liters per person

Which material is widely used for construction ?

There are plenty of options which we can use as a construction material available in the industry. An efficient engineer should select the material as per the project requirement, such

What is creep of concrete ?

Creep of concrete is a kind of deformation which occurs because of sustained loading. It is important to study the creep, because it can have a significant impact on the

What is lean concrete ?

Lean concrete is a type of concrete in which the amount of cement is less , i.e less than 10 % of the total volume of concrete. In this type

What is cement ?

Cement is a binder material, and an important ingredient in concrete. In concrete cement along with water adheres to other materials and helps to hold them together. Cement used in

Casting and Testing of concrete cubes

Design the concrete to get the optimum quantity of each ingredients for concrete. In the previous blog I have already discussed about the complete designing procedure of concrete as per