What is lean concrete ?

Lean concrete is a type of concrete in which the amount of cement is less , i.e less than 10 % of the total volume of concrete. In this type of concrete the aggregate to cement ratio is large and the cement to water ratio is low, thus the cement paste available to ensure good bonding between different ingredients of concrete is also less.

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Mix Ratio for lean concrete

  • Low grade of concrete is used as lean concrete.
  • It is used widely for structures where strength is not the primary parameter.
  • Generally we use M5, M7.5 or M10 grade of concrete for lean concreting.
  • The compressive strength of this type of concrete is generally less than 10 MPa.

Why we should go for lean concrete ?

In areas where the intention is only to provide a smooth surface, it is better to go for this concrete. As cement is the main ingredient which contribute the maximum proportion of cost, it is good to use less cement if it is possible to do so.

For example:

  • If we lay a layer of lean concrete above the soil surface, this will prevent the direct contact of foundation concrete with subsoil.
  • Act as a barrier / protective layer from moisture or other chemicals.
  • Use as a base layer under a concrete pavement.
  • In the case of dam where mass concreting is required using lean concrete will be a good option.

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