What are the Factors that affect strength of concrete ?

In this emerging world of modern design of structures, Concrete acts as the backbone of civil engineering. A structural engineer’s first and foremost objective is to build an efficient and durable concrete structure that is also aesthetically pleasing. Here comes the role of a concrete designer, to design the concrete for a particular value of strength. When the aim is to build a concrete structure that is efficient and durable, this demands to follow the concrete mix design steps as per IS codes (IS- 10262:2009 and IS- 456:2000).

When we ask for the factors which affect the strength of concrete…….

Answer is “Everything

To attain the particular strength, concrete designer follows the procedure as per the IS codes. As per IS codal provision of concrete mix design the strength of concrete depends on many factors. In this post, we aim to explain about the different factors which effect the strength of concrete.

For detailed Mix Design Procedure, go and check this post :  “Concrete mix design procedure as per IS 10262:2009 & IS 456:2000.”

Factors that affect the strength of concrete:

  • Quality and quantity of
    • cement – Higher cement content increases the strength, but increases the tendency of shrinkage
    • aggregate – Good quality of aggregate increases the strength of concrete, and the quantity of aggregates largely affects the properties of hardened concrete.
    • water – The pH value of water plays a significant role in the setting and hardening process of concrete.
  • Type and Quantity Admixtures – The type of admixtures can regulate the water cement ratio and thus helps to increase the strength of concrete.
  • Water cement ratio – This is the most important parameter that affect concrete. An increase in water cement ratio will decrease the strength of concrete.
  • Aggregate to cement ratio – Maximum size of aggregate and an increase in aggregate to cement ratio can lead to many problems like segregation.
  • Concrete handling technique – The main point is how the compaction is ensured at the site.
  • Curing conditions and many more

Concrete Mix Design

  • Calculate cement, sand and aggregate quantity in concrete. 
  • Calculate the number of premix bags required for your project.
  • Option to set your own size and rate of premix bags.
  • Calculate the volume of concrete required for slabs, walls, footings and columns.
  • Calculate the weight of ingredients required for preparing the calculated volume of concrete.

Based on the exposure condition the type of admixture changes.Just have a prior knowledge about the exposure condition as per concrete mix design procedure. “Why Exposure Condition In Concrete Mix Design“.

It is very important to use admixture and consider the quantity and specific gravity of concrete while doing concrete mix design for an efficient and durable structure so that the concrete’s desired properties can be achieved.

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