Design of tensile members

We have seen design examples to determine the tensile design strength for structural steel sections. Let us explore on how to design a tensile member and learn the simple design

Design of steel beams (Laterally supported)

In this article, you will learn how to design a steel beam. In the previous article, we discussed the different types of sections used as steel beams. We have also

Design steps for Column section | IS 456: 2000

Columns serve as fundamental structural elements in the construction industry, supporting vertical loads and transferring them to the building’s foundation. They provide stability, strength, and rigidity to the overall framework,

Shear lag effect in the angle sections

In the previous articles, we have seen simple steps to calculate the tensile strength of flat plates for simple and staggered bolting using IS 800:2007. In this article, let’s explore

Maxwell’s relations: Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics is all about the behavior of systems and their related studies. The behavior of these systems is governed with the help of point functions that we call as fundamental

Isentropic process: Work done, Efficiency, Explanation

Isentropic processes are thermodynamic processes in which the entropy of a fluid remains constant. Real systems that typically use this process as an idealization include the turbine and compressor stages