RCC Beam Design-Basics and Design Philosophy

In this and the following few posts I will be discussing about the design of RCC beam. Definition of a Beam A beam is a structural element that is capable

Beam: Definition and Classification of beams

In structural engineering we give names to different structural members based on their behavior under applied load. If the primary mode of transfer of load is by bending then the

Under-reinforced v/s Over-reinforced

Structural members are designed for loads that are expected to occur during the intended life of the structure. But sometimes the structure gets loaded beyond these loads and the structural

What is the need of side face reinforcement in beam?

Side Face Reinforcement Concrete cracks when tensile strain exceeds .0001. We provide reinforcement wherever cracks are expected to occur. The intent of providing side face reinforcement is to control the

How are column ties different from beam stirrups?

Even though both appear to be same physically the difference lies in their intended function. Ties The term tie is used to define the transverse reinforcement provided in column where