Design steps of different RCC members

We generally divide the building, bridges, water tanks or any other structures among members. This decides the members based on their behaviour. Here behaviour means how that member is resisting

Reinforced cement concrete (RCC)

We will discuss and learn about reinforced cement concrete here in this article. We also call reinforced cement concrete RCC in short form. And the RCC we are discussing here

A simple guide to the steps in staircase design

A staircase serves as more than just a functional component within a building; it is an architectural feature that harmonizes design and functionality. At its core, a staircase is a

Designing one way slabs: An example

One-way slabs are crucial in structural egg., serving as essential components in building and infrastructure construction. Their primary function is to transfer loads from the superstructure to the supporting elements

An introduction to slabs

Slabs, in the field of civil engg., play a pivotal role in the design and construction of various structures. They are imp. parts that provide strength, and functionality to residential

Design steps of pile foundation

The design of a pile foundation is a tedious process. It involves lots of components to be designed. Before this, we discussed different types of deep foundations and the construction

Factors affecting development of bond stress

Bond stress plays a crucial role in the behavior of R.C.C. structures. It refers to the force per unit area acting on the bond interface between the steel and the

How to reduce the earthquake effects? 

Earthquakes can be one of the most unpredictable natural disasters. It causes wide spread damage to buildings and infrastructure, as well as loss of life. However, there are steps that

Rule of thumb for splicing the bars

When you want to extend the rope, what do you do? You take two ropes and tie them, and now you have a long rope. While selecting the rope, make