Isentropic process: Work done, Efficiency, Explanation

Isentropic processes are thermodynamic processes in which the entropy of a fluid remains constant. Real systems that typically use this process as an idealization include the turbine and compressor stages

Polytropic process | Equation, Work done Explanation

A polytropic process is a thermodynamic process in which a polytropic equation is used to describe the relationship between pressure and volume. These processes are frequently used to simulate compressors

Diesel cycle- Overview and Working

Whether it’s big and bulkier diesel engines used in ships and trains or slightly smaller versions used in cars, the working of all these engines is identical; these engines work

Thermodynamic Process | Definition, Types & Examples

Whether you are a mechanical engineer, chemical engineer, or any scientist. Your knowledge can always remain incomplete without thermodynamics or thermodynamic process. The reason is the science behind it, which