What are the different quality test of concrete ?

There are different methods through which we can ensure the concrete properties. It is very important to know what all are the different quality test available for concrete , for both fresh and hard concrete. As we widely use concrete as a construction material.

The quality of concrete starts at the very initial stage. The materials used for concrete undergoes different levels of quality check through different testing methods. Even before construction starts we should ensure the quality of concrete in every way possible as we can not afford to compromise the quality of concrete. The quality tests ensure that the best quality concrete is placed at the site so that concrete structural members of desired strength are obtained.

Basically we check the quality for two different cases:

  1. Fresh Concrete
  2. Hardened Concrete

Quality test for Fresh concrete:

Fresh concrete is a condition of freshly mix concrete such that it is readily

  • remoldable
  • workable , and
  • cohesive

Fresh concrete is plastic in state and workable.

Some of the tests are :

  1. Workability tests
  2. Air content
  3. Setting time test
  4. Segregation and bleeding test
  5. Modulus of rupture

Test for Hardened concrete:

Hardened concrete as the name implies it has aquired its shape and completes the initial set time period, and it is not plastic anymore. It is not possible to change the shape or remold the structure. It is a stage of “plasticity” where it has lost its fluidity completely.

Hardened concrete gains strength with time it is important to check the strength and quality of the hardened concrete.

The test on hardened concrete are broadly classified as :

  1. Destructive test
    • Compressive test
    • Split tensile test
    • Flexural test
  2. Non destructive test

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