What is effective stress in soil?

Effective stress is the main parameter that helps understand soil engineering phenomena. Although effective stress is hypothetical, and there is no instrument to measure this directly, it is still most

Deep foundation | Types and requirement

As you know the human population is increasing day by day. Hence we need home, for which the land requirement is increasing. Hence finally we have to use that portion

What is so quick in quicksand?

You often come across the phrase quicksand while reading the geotechnical engineering. And you might have been thinking, what is so quick in quicksand? So let’s discuss what quicksand is

Index Properties of soil

Soil varies from place to place and hence its properties also. It is really impossible to test all type of soil for evaluation of engineering properties of soil as it

Stability analysis of finite and infinite slope

Slope as show in the Fig 1 may be artificial or natural. Some examples of slopes are cutting, embankment of highways, hillside, valley etc. In all the cases soil want

What are the soil classifications?

Soil classifications is a very important part of engineering. The main aim of this is to divide the broad category of soil into a small subcategory. Soil classification also helps

What is soil structure and What are its types?

Soil structure is a geometrical arrangement of particles in a soil mass. The behavior of soil depends on it. Important types of soil structures The type of soil structure depends

Seepage flow

Before discussing seepage here in this article we have already discussed about seepage in Permeability of soil and its measurement and also in seepage force. But the difference between the