What is soil structure and What are its types?

Soil structure is a geometrical arrangement of particles in a soil mass. The behavior of soil depends on it.

Important types of soil structures

The type of soil structure depends on various parameters, but mainly on the particle size and mode of formation. The different types of structure are as follows:

1. Single grained structure

The particle shape is spheres, and mainly present in gravels and sand. The loosest and densest packaging of this structure is shown in the figure. The void ratio for the loosest state is 0.91, and that of the densest state is 0.35.

2. Honey – comb structure

This type of structure is present in fine sands or silts. When we use this type of structure for construction, the structure collapses and large deformation takes place under vibrations and shocks.

Different types of soil structure

3. Flocculated soil structure

It is mainly found in clays and formed when there is a net attractive force between different particles. The orientation of this type of structure is an edge to face as shown in the figure. It has very high shear strength, low compressibility and high permeability.

4. Dispersed structure

It occurs in remoulded clays. The orientation in this type of structure is face to face as shown in the figure. The shear strength and permeability are very low but have high compressibility strength. This formation of this type of structure occurs when there is net repulsive force.

5. Composite soil structure

This soil structure contains different types of particles in it.

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