Aggregates Abrasion test – Los Angeles test

Testing of aggregates with respect to its resistance to wear is an important test for aggregates. Abrasion Test is the measure of aggregate toughness and abrasion resistance such as crushing,

Reinforcement – Is it needed in concrete ?

As I have already mentioned concrete is good in compression and is bad in tension. So it is very much required there should be something which will resist the tensile

Permeability of soil and it’s measurement

The permeability of soil is soil property which describes quantitatively, the ease with which water flows through that soil. Soil consists of discrete particle. The void spaces between the particles

What are the different tests of aggregate ?

Aggregate are the important part of concrete. Aggregates contribute to a majority of proportion (70- 80 %) in concrete and thus responsible for the increase in weight of concrete. They

What are the different quality test of concrete ?

There are different methods through which we can ensure the concrete properties. It is very important to know what all are the different quality test available for concrete , for