M20 Nominal mix|IS-10262| Concrete mix design calculator

Nominal mix and design mix are two different ways which is used for proportionating ingredients of concrete. Selection of type of concrete mix depends on the type of structure, nature of work and the economy of the project. Nominal mix is widely used for small and simpler jobs.

As per Indian standards, the nominal mix ratio corresponding to the concrete grade is specified that is for m10 it is 1 :3 : 6, 1 part of cement , 3 parts of fine aggregate and 6 parts of coarse aggregate.


Here you will learn to do the mix design using our concrete mix design calcultor application, this will help you to quickly calculate the mix proportion of concrete in a single click.

Check this post for design mix procedure for M20 Garde of concrete.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn:

  • What is nominal mix for concrete mix ?
  • What are the different mix ratio as per Indian standards ?
  • Important steps involved in the design.
  • How to effectively set different parameter to get efficient design?

Problem Statement

Consider a M20 grade of concrete and the different data required for the mix are shown below:

Volume of concrete1 cum
Grade DesignationM20
Water – cement ratio0.5
Increase in Dry Vol. 50 %
Density of cement1470 kg/m3
Density of Fine aggregate1350 kg/m3
Density of Coarse aggregate1300 kg/m3
Water absorption of Fine aggregate
Water absorption of Coarse aggregate
1 %
0.5 %

Steps for concrete mix design using the concrete mix design calculator

Step 1: Download the application from play store and install it. Once you are done with the installation, open the application and select the second option “Nominal mix” -to design a concrete mix as per IS 10262:2009.

Step 2: Input the data as per the problem. 

Step 3: Next just press the play symbol, to get the final output.

We hope you understand the concept of design using nominal mix ratio of M-20. Further, you can use CMD app to change the parameter and study the effect on design mix.

Concrete Mix Design

  • Calculate cement, sand and aggregate quantity in concrete. 
  • Calculate the number of premix bags required for your project.
  • Option to set your own size and rate of premix bags.
  • Calculate the volume of concrete required for slabs, walls, footings and columns.
  • Calculate the weight of ingredients required for preparing the calculated volume of concrete.

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