Design procedure of singly reinforced RCC section as per IS 456: 2000.

Before moving into the design procedure of a R.C.C beams you should be aware about the different types of beams available. There are basically seven types of beam depending upon the support and geometry of the beam section, they are:

  1. Simply supported beam
  2. Fixed beam
  3. Overhanging beam
  4. Double over hanging beam
  5. Continuous beams
  6. Cantilever beams
  7. Trussed beams

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The design procedure of each beam is different only the underlying principle is the same. In this post I will explain about the step by step procedure of design of a simply supported beam, by considering an example problem.

Problem Statement : Design a simply supported beam with cross section of 300 mm X 500 mm, subjected to a bending moment of 100 KNm. Assume effective cover = 30 mm and use M20 concrete and Fe415 steel.

Given data as per the design problem:

  • breadth(b) = 300 mm
  • depth (d) = 500 – 30 = 470 mm
  • M = 100 KNm
  • fck = 20 N/ mm2
  • fy =415 N/ mm2
  • Depth of neutral axis: xumax = 0.48 * d = 225.6 mm – for Fe415 steel

Calculate the value of moment of resistance

M_{u,lim} =0.36 f_{ck}\frac{ X_{umax} }{d}(1-0.42 \frac{X_{umax}}{d}) {bd}^{2}

$$M_{u,lim}= 182.86 KNm$$

Calculate the design moment

Design moment

M_{u}=M \times \gamma_{f} = 100 \times 1.5 =150 KNm

Therefore for this case Mu,lim > Mu ; so it is a under reinforced beam section.

Calculate the area of reinforcement (Ast)

M_{u} =0.87 \times fy \times \text { Ast } \times d\left(1-\frac{fy \text { Ast }}{fck\times b \times d}\right)

150 \times 10^{6}=0.87 \times 415 \times \text { Ast } \times 470\left(1-\frac{415 \text { Ast }}{20 \times 300 \times 470}\right)

\text { Ast }=600 \mathrm{~mm}^{2} (approx)

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Beam design

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