Design steps for Column section | IS 456: 2000

Columns serve as fundamental structural elements in the construction industry, supporting vertical loads and transferring them to the building’s foundation. They provide stability, strength, and rigidity to the overall framework,

Designing two way slabs: An example

A two-way slab is a type of R.C.C. slab that distributes loads in two perpendicular directions efficiently. The term “two-way” is to describe the bending behavior of the slab in

A simple guide to the steps in staircase design

A staircase serves as more than just a functional component within a building; it is an architectural feature that harmonizes design and functionality. At its core, a staircase is a

Design procedure for column with Biaxial moments

A column is a special case of a compression member that is vertical. A reinforced concrete column is basically a vertical structural member, which helps to transfer the load from