Longitudinal bars detailing of a column section

Longitudinal reinforcement is provided in column to carry the applied axial load and bending moment along with concrete. Minimum longitudinal reinforcement It should be at least 0.8 percent of the

What is creep of concrete ?

Creep of concrete is a kind of deformation which occurs because of sustained loading. It is important to study the creep, because it can have a significant impact on the

Fundamental concepts of Column

A column is a special case of a compression member that is vertical. A reinforced concrete column is basically a vertical structural member, which helps to transfer the load from

Difference between Beam and Column

In structural engineering we give names to different structural members based on their behaviour under applied load. Beam and column is also two structural members. Check out this post to

Stability of slender column -How to improve the same ?

The stability of slender columns refers to their ability to resist buckling, which is a type of lateral instability that occurs when the compressive force exceeds the column’s capacity to

Minimum and maximum reinforcement in column?

The column is a vertical structure that helps transfer the load from top to bottom in a framed structure. Specifically, columns transfer the compressive load from top floors, ceiling, or beam