Python code for Mohr’s Circle & Principal stress

Being an engineer, whether civil or mechanical, you will often use Mohr’s circle for finding the stress component at any arbitrary plane. But why not make it fun by writing

How can you define any Force in terms of Fundamental Forces?

In nature, there are four fundamental forces: gravitational force, electromagnetic force, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force. But the question comes, “How can we classify any force into these four

Forces of Nature | Definition, Types & Meaning

Have you read the concepts of “FORCE” in schools and colleges and wondered what its deeper essence is? Is it just push and pull, gravity and electromagnetics or is it

The stress strain curve of the mild steel

We use mild steel in our day-to-day life. It is essential to know how the metal will behave under loading or stretching. We can plot the load-deformation curve to get

Stresses in beam due to bending action

Introduction Stresses in beam is very important topic. Every engineering graduates need to understand this phenomenon. Before understanding this we need to discuss few simple concepts. You might have gone

Fundamental Concepts in Solid Mechanics

Table of contents Introduction Some time we call it as “Strength of material” also. In this post we will understand why it is called so. What are the objective of

Solid Mechanics: Introduction

Mechanics is the science of forces and motions. The origins of mechanics could be traced back to 4th century BC when Aristotle founds the system of Aristotelian physics, but it