Maxwell’s relations: Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics is all about the behavior of systems and their related studies. The behavior of these systems is governed with the help of point functions that we call as fundamental

Isentropic process: Work done, Efficiency, Explanation

Isentropic processes are thermodynamic processes in which the entropy of a fluid remains constant. Real systems that typically use this process as an idealization include the turbine and compressor stages

Polytropic process | Equation, Work done Explanation

A polytropic process is a thermodynamic process in which a polytropic equation is used to describe the relationship between pressure and volume. These processes are frequently used to simulate compressors

Four-stroke Engine | Construction, Working & Limitations

Despite the belief that simple is efficient, the phrase doesn’t equate well when used for engines. Although more efficient than its two-stroke counterpart, the four-stroke engine is slightly component loaded.

Carnot Efficiency | Formula, Derivation & Explanation

Carnot efficiency is an often-heard term for heat engines, including those used in bikes, scooters, or airplanes. Acting as a benchmark and defining how efficient any engine can be, are